Maintenance Services

We keep your business going

In order to run an efficient aviation business it’s vital to keep the fleet in airworthy condition. Maintenance is a crucial part of operations that needs to be managed meticulously.

VGAS offers customized maintenance services around the globe, and we’re specialized in assisting businesses and fixing aircrafts in remote area’s, often with less or limited resources and accessibility. Our skillset is fueled by many years of experience in the field and a deep knowledge of aircraft engineering.

Maintenance Services

Our services

  • Technical rep on site
  • Training, technicians on type and OJT
  • CAMO and Customized maintenance program planning: Approved by 2- REG EASA Authority for Fokker 50
  • Setup and development of AMO (aircraft maintenance organization)
  • Engine/propeller build up
  • Line/base maintenance inspections (A/B/C/D-checks)
  • Modifications
  • Replacement Engines/ Apu/ Landing gears
  • Interior refurbishment
  • Sheet-metal repairs

We work with local partners in the vicinity of your operations and provide maintenance program planning to get it as efficient as possible.  We offer training programs for ground crews and a technical representative on site.

Maintenance is a matter of great responsibility and with VGAS, you get a reliable partner and tailor-made solution.

Our business

What we do

For a straightforward transaction

With our global Aircraft Procurement Services our goal is to assist both buyers and sellers with the acquisition or sale of any aircraft and to guide them throughout the whole process.

Safety and reliability are top-priority

With aircraft specific maintenance programs you are guaranteed to get the best services available. We keep your aircraft in tip-top condition within regulations for an affordable price.

Get you airborne in no-time

Whether it’s a one-time ferry flight or aircraft charter, we’ll provide a customized solution for all your crew needs so you can hit the clouds as soon as possible.