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International Aviation is a tight- knit community bounded by amazing experiences but also by strict regulations. With decades of experience, and the ability to deal with any local directives while keeping a keen eye on legal, technical and financial aspects, VGAS is the go-to partner to facilitate the growth of your business.

We believe and value long lasting relationships. In our dedication to build and maintain these bonds with our customers, VGAS strives to be the most integer and straightforward aviation broker and service provider.

Mastering the technical operation, costs and management of airplanes, VGAS drives to pull a deal together and its main goal is to reach synchronization by finding mutual ground between seller and buyer.

Customers trust us to resolve their problems and we go through great endeavor to unburden them from time and energy consuming issues.

Quick response, flexibility, proficiency in technical aviation and the ability of understanding customer business makes the ideal recipe for fun and successful assignments.